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Aliviana "Liv" Danavis is the daughter of Corvan Danavis and his first wife.  Her mother died when Garriston was burned in the False Prism's War. She and her father settled in Rekton after the war.


Liv enrolled in the Chromeria at the age of 14 against her father's advice. In order to finance her education, she signed a contract with the Ruthgari. She tested as a superviolet and marginal yellow drafter. Because of the higher costs of maintaining a bichrome drafter and high failure rates when training a yellow drafter, her sponsor opted to ignore her yellow drafting potential.

Her contract with the Ruthgari was supervised by Aglaia Crassos. When Aglaia learned Gavin had a son in Rekton, she guessed that Gavin would ask Liv for information about his son. She wanted Liv to use the opportunity to get close to the Prism and spy on him. Liv was reluctant, but Aglaia offered to train her has a bichrome if she succeeded and punish her if she failed.

When Gavin arrived at the Chromeria with Kip Guile, the White pressed him about teaching a superviolet class. He had been avoiding the class, but went to teach it once he realized who Liv was and that she was in the class.

When students take a class with the Prism, the students prepare questions for the Prism. Liv asked about the uses of superviolet and yellow luxin together. Liv used this opportunity to demonstrate she could draft yellow. Gavin upgraded her status to bichrome with the additional expenses coming from his budget. While this effectively ended Aglaia's control over her, Liv worried about what Gavin would ask in return.