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The Chromeria is the ruling body of the Seven Satrapies. It is also a term for the school where drafters are trained. The chromeria is located on two islands, known as Big, and Little Jasper. The Chromeria is where the Spectrum meets and rules the Seven Satrapies. It is also where Blackguards, and Drafters are trained.

The Spectrum

The Spectrum is the governing body of the Seven Satrapies. There are seven members in the Spectrum. Originally, each was a representative of a single color of the seven sacred colors, and could draft that color. Each Satrapy had one representative on the Spectrum. Since the founding of the Spectrum, that practice has deteriorated as satrapies have maneuvered for power. Thus, a satrapy's representative could be appointed as Luxlord Green, but not actually be able to draft green himself. Likewise,  some of the Satrapies might lose thier representative, and others could have two, or even three, representatives on the Spectrum at a time. Depending on the politics of the day. A representatives term is for life. These representatives are simply known as, The Colors, and Luxlords.

Any one of the members may call a meeting of the Spectrum. Voting may proceed when there is a quorum (majority) of the Colors present. Most matters before the Spectrum may be passed by a simple majority, however when it involves modifying a Color seat on the Spectrum a super majority (unanimous) vote is required. When a seat is vacated or dissolved, it's vote may not be included in the number to make a quorum. However, when a new seat is declared another member of the Spectrum may vote by proxy under the authority of the Satrap or Satrapah. The White does not vote unless there is a tie.

Chromeria Trained

Those who have, or are, training at the Chromeria school for drafting located on Little Jasper. The Chromeria's training system does not limit students based on age, but rather progresses them through each degree of training based on their ability and knowledge. So a thirteen-year-old who is extremely proficient in drafting might well be a gleam, also known as a third-year student. While an eighteen-year-old who is just beginning to work on her drafting could be a dim, also known as a first year student. There are four years of students, and they have certain nicknames they are referred to by:

  1. Darks: Technically known as "the supplicants," these are would-be drafters who have yet to be tested for their abilities at the Chromeria, or be allowed admission to the school.
  2. Dims: The first-year, and therefore lowest rank, of students at the Chromeria.
  3. Glims: Second-year students.
  4. Gleams: Third-year students, who are fairly advanced.
  5. Beams: Fourth-year students. Very knowledgable and capable students, close to graduation.