Drafters can only draft so much in their lives. The more they draft, the more the luxin which courses through their bodies changes them. Not only does drafting damage the body, but it also affects the mind. As a drafter uses more luxin, small amounts of it build up in the eye around the iris. This band of luxin is called the Halo, and it is by this that a drafter's life span is deduced. If a drafter uses too much luxin, the iris will fill with luxin, and any more drafting will cause them to "break the halo". This means that the band of luxin breaks and spreads into the whites of the eye. Once this happens, the drafter is considered a color wight, also known as a giist.

Becoming a color wight is the beginning of a descent into madness for the drafter. Happening gradually over time, the color wight will go under the influence of their drafting color's psychological influences; blue drafters will become hard and logical, greens will become wild, and reds will become creatures of rage. Color wights often commit their bodies to their luxin as well, coating or even replacing their body parts with sealed luxin. Color wights are considered insane and monsters, outcasts from society and are almost always hunted down. Those who worship Orholam also believe that becoming a color wight also damages your soul, though if this is something inherent in the act, defiance of the Pact, or because of the actions color wights take, is unclear.

If a drafter wishes to avoid becoming a giist, they must either stop drafting once their halos become full, or submit to the Freeing. To most drafters, drafting isn't just a way of life, it is their life, and therefore most drafters elect to be Freed.

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