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Welcome! This is a wikia dedicated to the Lightbringer Series created by Brent Weeks. I've tried to contribute to different Wikia's dedicated to this series but they are all long dead. I would like for this to be a small project I contribute to when I get the time. Hopefully more people will come along and also start to contribute, so we can make this the official, and up-to-date, Wikia for this amazing series.

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The Lightbringer series takes place in the Seven Satrapies. A world ruled by drafters using magic known as Chromaturgy. Drafting is the act of turning light into a physical substance, called Luxin. Drafters are revered, and respected in the town where they live, and are trained, known as The Chromeria. Every color of luxin, has its own properties, and every color have their own representative in the council that rules the Seven Satrapies.

Warning: There will be spoilers for all of the books throughout this wiki.

There are currently three books in this series, with two more to be released.

Book 1: The Black Prism

Book 2: The Blinding Knife

Book 3: The Broken Eye

Book 4: The Blood Mirror

Book 5: The Burning White

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